What's New in React 16.6 By Example

The release of React's 16.6 minor version bump came with some new React tools for React developers. Since it's a only a minor version, React teams should feel comfortable upgrading because there aren't any breaking changes -- only new features and bugfixes.

Practical Examples for React Context

React's context API has been stable for about six months now (at time of writing). And while there are several good guides about the basics, I've struggled to find practical examples and suggested design patterns for Context.

Steal (CSS Styles) Like An Artist

In Austin Kleon's excellent book, Steal Like An Artist, he outlines 10 rules to follow to produce great creative work. While all 10 rules are absolutely worth taking to heart, we're going to focus on the one the book is named after: Steal Like an Artist.

The Power of Pure Functions

Long Javascript files can quickly feel like the wild west, with variables getting reassigned on the fly with no order whatsoever.

Making a Serverless React App using Firebase

Originally posted on the Cratebind Blog

The Case Against Learning On The Fly

After my 34th commit to 10 lines of simple JavaScript, I had to admit something to myself: “I have no idea how any of this works.”