Full-Stack Web Developer
Specializing in React, NodeJS and Python

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I am a self-taught, full-stack Developer from Dallas, Texas. I specialize in NodeJS, React, and building APIs for applications.

I\'ve created several full-stack web applications and built front-end for many more web apps. I’ve also developed NPM packages such as a Node CLI tools and a React boilerplate generator.

When I’m not spinning up a new project, I spend much of my free time learning about the latest technology in web development and applying it to existing projects. When I think I understand a new idea thoroughly, I’ll usually make a blog post about it, too.

I believe in creating interactive web apps that are responsive and intuitive, as well as writing clean, maintainable code that’s thoroughly tested.


Meal planning app that groups your groceries by aisle and lets you have saved recipes to make into shopping lists
-Uses Firebase to sync state across devices in realtime
-Serverless Deployment
-User authentication through Firebase
The site you're currently on, built with Gatsby JS and GraphQL for blog content
-Uses GatsbyJS for static site building
-Uses Contently headless CMS to deliver blog posts
-Uses no CSS framework, with all styles custom-made

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